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I was recently featured in Cosmo on what my top work out tips were to develop the perfect backside.


Here are a some of my favorites:

Lunge Squats: Stand with your feet about hips-width apart. Keeping your shoulders stacked over your hips, lift your right foot off the floor and take a large step backward. Keep your left knee behind your left toes as you bend both knees and lower your body straight down toward the floor. When your front thigh is nearly parallel to the floor, push up through your front heel to straighten both legs. That's one rep. Complete up to 15 reps, then do the same number of reps on the opposite side.

Standing Rear Leg Lifts: Stand about one foot behind a chair and place both hands lightly on the back of the chair. Keeping your left leg straight, lift your left foot off the ground. Point the toes as you engage your butt and drive the leg straight out behind you. Bring it back down with control to complete one rep. Repeat up to 15 times, then do the same number of reps on the opposite side.

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